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Dzongkar Choede Monastic Higher Secondary School

Introduction and history;- Having first begun as an open air calligraphy class, by 1984 the Dzongkar Choede higher secondary school had its building and class rooms initiated by Ven, Geshe Jampa Norbu lak with support from the governing body of the monastery. Its primary endeavor was to fulfill His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s wish and concern for educating adolescent students, in order for the preservation of culture, heritage, literature & modern education. The basic curriculum of the school began in the year of 1997, thanks to the intensifies efforts of present principal Ven, Lobsang Dhundup lak, Vice, Principal, Ven Thupten Choelang lak, The school is profoundly indebted to Ven, Thupten Jamyang lak for his great support, our ex abbot who presided over the first board of educational trust, As the school was not funded by any charity and thus limited in resource it fought hard to facilitate further education to young monks, as insufficient money to pay teacher’s fee presented an obstacle. The situation resolved itself, however, with a generous donation from Ven, Jampa Kalsang lak, the present Abbot of the Monastery whose financial assistance was use to cover their salaries.

To begin with 45 students enrolled, ranking from kinder garden to 4th classes of primary school, but only a few teachers attending to them. However, gradually it developed into a well established school functioning not only at primary level but also secondary, with 200 pupils being taught in modernized circumstances. In addition to monastic study and training the school, like all the others in the exiled Tibetan community of India, imparts education all the way upto gradution from high school.

Daily Acitivity:

Dzongkar Choede Secondary school is a residential school alike, studies live in monastic residential house with their guardian teacher who are given responsible to take care of students well being, monastic studies and homework. As for the time table, early in the morning as the monastic assembly going goes for morning prayer, Students gather in the prayer hall and after the recitation of prayer, they have morning tea and bread. Then until 8.45 AM under the supervision of designated teachers students engaged in memorization of chants and scriptures. From 9 AM to 9.45 AM the classes are held for self studies. In the meantime, senior students attend their dialectic sessions, followed by actual classes from 10.15 AM. The subject taught are English, Tibetan language reading and writing practice, Tibetan Grammar and spelling practice, History, Religious history, Mathmatics, Chinese plus computer classes etc. In short the classes are hold from morning 10.15 to 03.00 PM in the afternoon. After the school, again the studies devote themselves to memorization of scriptures, dialectic class and debate session respectively. Teaching faculty member comprises of dedicated qualified trained teachers with extensive teaching experience.



A two member committee with the principal as the chief executive and vice principal as the assistance, work hand in hand as an administrative head on academic and educational affairs as well as financial and development administration head, appointed by general board member committee of the monastery.

The School Magazine:

In order to develop mental faculties, writing skill and talents of students, essay writing competition are held frequently. Studies are encourages to write in yearly school magazine titled GANG TRUG GI LANG TSO (GROWTH OF SNOWLAND CHILDREN) brought out by students. They can also contribute articles to school magazine in Tibetan, English, Chinese, etc.

Academic test and Examination:

Every year for the judgement of students learning and understanding progress, the judgement of students learning and understanding progress, the school yearly conducted four terminal test one half yearly exam and an annual exam. The vice principal and all the teachers are responsible for conducting the examination.

All the school small monks during assembly period, teachers meeting & classes.