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Zongchoe Health Clinic Center


  1. Dzongkar Choede College Monastery Health Clinic Center was stated year 2001 for the welfare of Sanghas of Monastery.
       a.  To see and keep environment of monastery in and out needs clean.

       b.  Any sangha patient, we do treatment in time.
       c.  Frequently Health Clinic Center gives advice to the monks how to maintain and keep well health.
       d.  Minor treatment we do in our Health Clinic Center of monks will go to any Local Hospital, bill amount will be paid by Health Clinic Center.
       e.  Major treatment we use to take patient at Mysore private Hospital. All the medical expenses are paid by Health Clinic Center.
       f.  In every month Health Clinic Center is paying Rs:350-/- to the monks for purchase of Tooth brush, Paste and Soap.
       g.  In every month small monks hair cutting will be done by Health Clinic Center.
       h.  We oftenly call Doctor to advice for health talks.
  3. REGARDING FINANCIAL: Financial position of Health Clinic Center expenses will be bond by our Monastery.
    How ever recently we have a one supportor  that is M/S, Jamtseling Monastic Committee in Taiwan is paying USA $ 500-/- every month.
  4. STAFF POSITION : Health Clinic Center has three staffs, all are monks and doing free service. Their service duration is three years.
       a.  Ven, Thupten Tsering and other two staff are served year 2001 to 2003.
       b.  Ven, Jampa Tsundu and other two staff are served year 2004 to 2006.
       c.  Ven, Jampa Khechok and other two staff are served year 2007 to 2009.
       d.  Ven, Jampa Wangdu and other two staff are served year 2010 to 2012.
       e.  Ven, Jampa Tsering and other two staff are served year 2013 to 2015.
  5. At present Health Clinic Center Incharge is Ven, Jampa Topgyal and Assistant Ven, Jampa Namgyal and Ven, Yingley.


Dzongkar Choede Monastery