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Zongchoe Monastery's Handmade Incense

A small incense-making center was opened to provide part time work for unemployed young Tibetans in our community. It has been also aimed for the propagation and continuation of the expert traditional artisan method of making Tibetan incense. Zongchoe Tibetan Incense is handmade carefully in accordance to the tradition and ancient heritage. It contains at least twenty to twenty five essential ingredients of incense. Therefore, it fulfills the required quality of a pure offering. By offering incense regularly in your place you will accumulate vast merits. and effectively purify external impurities as well as accomplish inner purifications of your mind. This is a good substance to change your environment into a pleasant realm. All the incenses are good for relieving stress, headache, evil spirits and defilements. It brings you peace of mind and freshness. It is also used as room fresheners. At present we have only 8 workers at the center. They use all the main ingredient substances are required for quality incense.

We are also selling incense to all interested person in India and ABROAD to the largest extent according to our production. Interested person can contact through these phone nos. +91-8222-246058, 246396, 246021 Fax : +91-8222-246131 and Email at : or We are manufacturing the following various sizes of incenses:-.

1.   Zongchoe Incense No. 1 = 12" long,          Rate per packet= USD 0.76

2.   Zongchoe Incense No. 2 = 9" long,            Rate per packet= USD 0.81

3.   Zongchoe Incense No. 3 = 9" long(3bdle)  Rate per packet= USD 1.77

4.   Zongchoe Incense No. 4= 6" long,             Rate per packet= USD 0.45

5.   Zongchoe Incense No.  5 =13" long,          Rate per packet= USD 0.50

6.   Zongchoe Incense No.  6 = 9" long,

 (Kalachakra Incense)    Rate per packet= USD 1.40

All rates are exclusive of packing and airfreight charges, are to be borne by the client.

Dzongkar Choede Monastery